It´s the only location worldwide you can pet whales! And they love it! The newborn whale babies are so curious that they want to explore everything floating around. They want to come to see you on the boat. Mama of course accompanies her baby.

Gray whale calf (left, about 2 months old) and mother @ Bahia Magdalena

Sightings for gray whales and swimming with sea lions is 100% guaranteed during the winter months (highest season is January to March.)

The gray whales migrate a journey of 5000 miles. Every autumn they travel from their feeding grounds way up in the North towards three big lagoons at Baja California, the peninsula of Western Mexico. One can see dozens of whales on every boat tour.

The gray whale baby (in front) has no barnacles on its nose yet

Humpback whales with their spectacular jumps are seen very often near Los Cabos in the very south of Baja. Blue whales chase their favorite food Krill along the coasts.

Incredibly fascinating is the swimming with whale sharks (picture below) and sea lions, near the city of La Paz. Whale sharks are the worlds largest fish and very slow swimmers. They filter microorganisms with their mouths wide open. Humans are definitely not on their menu. You can swim leisurely next to them.

Whale shark and snorkelers

Sea lions (below) occupy a small rock island near La Paz solely for themselves. There is a hustle and bustle, above and under water. The younger sea lions swirl around the snorkeling divers asking to play with them. A very special and exciting experience.

You will find all the information you need in Georg Wuebbolt´s book/e-book, to be published in the spring 2018:

Whale Travel – Baja California Guide - Flights, Hotels, Rental cars, Restaurants, Tour providers.

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