Alaska: A humpback whale (below) lifts its heavy body out of the water and plunges back.

Mexico: A two months old gray whale baby is very curious. It swims to your boat and wants to be petted, Mama next to it. You would like to experience that? No problem.

Humpback whale breaching, pelicans unimpressed

Where can I experience this and how to get there? Where to stay over night? How to travel to the whales? Where could one scuba dive or snorkel with them? And which tour provider should I book? - We´ve got the answers.

We´d like to introduce you to the most thrilling destinations in the world, where you can watch and touch whales, dolphins and other wild animals - within their habitat.

Grey whale mother (foreground) and her calf @ Baja California, Mexico

First of all we present the best whale watching destination world-wide: the peninsula Baja California, Mexico. Here you experience gray whales, blue whales, humpback whales, whale sharks, sea lions, dolfins. Close-up and in their natural habitat.

Do you like to travel on your own initiative as a backpacker or in a five star hotel? Rather all-inclusive? We´ve got the right suggestions for you.

Georg Wuebbolt´s book/e-book

Whale Travel – Guide to Baja California, Mexico - Flights, Hotels, Camping, Rental cars, Restaurants, Tour providers.

The book/e-book will be published soon.


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